Blockchain-SCM Applications?

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I've been doing some research into how blockchain technology can enhance SCM. So far, I've found a few good articles on the topic (I'll include them below). But I was wondering if anyone else has found companies that are currently using blockchain tech within their SCM. What are the primary goals they're trying to accomplish with them? How successful have the projects been? I'd love to hear what you guys have seen/heard.

If you want a good 30,000 ft summary, look no further than this article. It's the best I've found so far. And it's from the Harvard Business Review, so it's got some major credibility.

This article is a little cooler on the whole idea. But it is worth reading, since it offers some counterpoints to consider.

Here's a great podcast that covers the subject with fair amount of balance. It's def worth reading.

I look forward to hearing you guys' contributions to the conversation.
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