India's national blockchain plans

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As I was doing a little more research on the topic, I came across this great little booklet from India about some of the ways that their government is using (and planning on using) blockchain to solve real problems. They go over a blood bank management system, a food distribution system, an e-justice system, an urban property management system, and more. I would encourage you to check out what Ajay Sawhney, India's Secretary for the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology has to say about it. He says that India is planning on establishing a National Blockchain strategy to leverage the technology's power for India's citizens and industries. All I can say is, "Wow." Does anyone know if the US or any European governments are working on something similar?
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There are a number of countries around the world that experimenting with blockchain tech. I haven't seen too many countries that are putting comprehensive plans in place, but individual projects are being presented and implemented. Here's a good pamphlet from Deloitte (that is admittedly a bit dated since it was published in 2017). It offers an overview of some of the projects that were being conducted when it was written, including...

- Maintaining electronic health records and making them more accessible in Estonia.
- Digital certificates for government and the academy.
- Asset registers (for property, vehicles, etc) in countries as diverse as Sweden, the US, and Ghana.
- Voting in Australia
- Smart contracts for vehicle registrations, government benefit disbursements, etc.

If you're interested in blockchain solutions for government, I'd give it a read. There's probably a more recent summary out there somewhere but this will be a good place to start.
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