When an NFT is more than just a token

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This was one of the more interesting NFT auctions I've seen recently - a $112.5 million emerald that they're tokenizing and auctioning. The thing I find interesting about this (and it may be more common than I realize) is that the investors will get access to a "social media club."
“They're not just buying a theoretical stake in this extremely valuable asset, but also joining a vibrant community of diverse, interesting people,” said Edward J. Rodriguez, co-founder of BPN Capital Group, the company managing the NFT auction. “We view this as not just an historic opportunity for people to own a piece of natural art, but also a demonstration of the true power blockchain has to transform the real world and bring people together.”
I think this could really have an impact on NFTs more generally. It's one thing to claim ownership of a digital object. It's something else entirely to be included in an exclusive club as an owner of that NFT. Imagine what it would be like if artists auctioned NFTs that included access to an online group that connected the collectors with the artist. They might even have the opportunity to vote on painting ideas, etc. Who knows where this could go.

What do y'all think about these possibilities? I think they're especially applicable (and beneficial) for hard assets.
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