The promise of solar power

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You have to watch this video:

It's a fascinating look at what would happen if we covered the entire Sahara Desert with solar panels. Obviously, that would be overkill (and would leave us with some major, unpredictable worldwide environmental changes). But he does talk about the promise of putting solar panels around the Sahara desert. And that's not just a pipedream. It's something that's already being done. According to the video, a solar farm the size of New Mexico in the Sahara would cover the entire world's power needs. And that's by using modern solar tech.

As this article points out, power generation is being increased in a variety of ways as new approaches are developed. I believe solar will be key for a more sustainable future. What do you think?
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There's no doubt in my mind that solar will play a major role in creating a more sustainable future. But I think we sometimes get so caught up in the promise of traditional solar panels (on homes or as farms), that we fail to see the more innovative ways that solar can be used. Just look at this list of 5 solar innovations for a few non-traditional examples...

They talk about solar paint, solar roads, solar windows, and solar cars. Just think what could happen if we were able to develop more efficient solar panels and we began installing them on individual objects that needed power. Or if we could create solar innovations like there that we could put on individual homes without needing large, unsightly panels. That's where the real innnovation needs to happen. And that's the kind of stuff that will revolutionize the way we do things.
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